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<< Please publish this on your organization letterhead and circulate in your partner/reseller network for facilitation of your channel>>

Dear Partner:

As we all know, New Token Guidelines, Crypto Guidelines 2.0 are coming in effect from 01/04/2023.

While entire PKI-Ecosystem like CAs, RAs, Token Suppliers, Resellers are preparing to embrace the new guidelines there are some questions related to new and existing HYP2003 tokens which we tried to answer below.

Yes. New HYP2003 Tokens compatible to new guidelines are available with us, please contact <<your Organization Details>> for the quick delivery of the new Tokens.

Also, you may replace our below address & bank details with yours in case you don’t want your partner to send tokens to us directly for update

As seen in below picture, serial number for the new HYP2003 tokens, which are compatible to new guidelines, starts with “HS”. Along with this, the serial number series of Token inside the middleware also starts from “HS”. This can be checked inside the Token manager by plugging in the token.


Yes. As per the new guidelines all CAs should only download certificates in the USB hardware Tokens which serial number starts with OEM Prefix, for example, in HYP2003 Tokens the serial number should start with “HS”, hence the certificate can’t be downloaded in the existing tokens in circulation.

The tokens with DSC already issued on before 31/03/2023 will keep working until the entire validity of the DSCs on those.

In case where user blocks the token by putting wrong PIN multiple times or forgets the user PIN, which means in the token blocking case, the user has to obtain DSC on new token as the exiting token with PIN blocked won’t be able to download certificate on it after 31/03/2023 as per CCA guidelines.

The existing “HYP2003” sticker tokens, which are “eligible” for update, can be updated to the newer version (compatible to the new Crypto Guidelines 2.0) at chargeable basis, the detail process has mentioned below.

Yes, to prevent you from the loss of existing unused stock, we are glad to announce that the eligible HYP2003 Sticker tokens can be updated to the newer version by paying nominal handling charges. Detail process is provided below.

No. Only unused tokens with eligible series and HYP2003 Sticker on it can be updated to the new CSP. Don’t send used tokens for update, if there will be certificate inside the token, the token may get corrupt and you will loose the token as well as update charges for that token.

No. We have stopped selling tokens with “ePass2003Auto” branding since January 2022, and now after 15 months, practically, there are no chances that any tokens with “ePass2003Auto” stickers are left unused.

If in case anyone have some unused tokens left with “ePass2003Auto” stickers, the process for buyback eligible “ePass2003Auto” tokens is given below in detail.

Only eligible Unused tokens with HYP2003 Stickers can be updated.

We strongly request you to please do not include anything apart from “Unused tokens with HYP2003 Sticker” in your packing as those will be removed during the unpacking process and you may loos those and the update instance for anything you have included in count apart from “Unused tokens with HYP2003 Sticker”.

  1. Pack the tokens properly in a secure box or wrapping.
  2. Courier those to below address.
  3. Make the payment @ INR 35.00 per token to below mentioned payment options.
  4. Share the token courier tracking details and payment details to below email ID.

Only INR 35.00 per token.

INR 35.00 includes everything, like packing & return courier charges for tokens 50 and above.

For tokens 1 to 49 (apart from update charges of INR 35.00 per token) extra INR 200.00 needs to be added to the amount towards courier and packing charges.

Alternatively, you may handover your tokens to your token vendor for sending those to us, your token vendor may charge you some extra amount over INR 35.00 towards their expenses, handling packing and couriering.

Before sending us the courier while sharing the courier tracking details the payment details needs to be included in email. Courier without payment details won’t be received.

Tokens can be sent for update only between 20th March to 30th April. This is the limited period window provided for the facilitation of the partners to prevent them for loss.

Based on the quantum, this process may take 4 to 6 weeks’ time and hence the return shipping of updated tokens will start sometime in last week of May 2023 till mid of June 2023 (these timelines are estimate, this may take more or less time than mentioned).

Below are the payment options.

Option 1. – Online payment – UPI – Card Payment

(Put detail description of your purpose of payment in message box. Use Axis Gateway for UPI & 0 surcharge.)

Option 2. RTGS/NEFT

Nagpur: In Favor of: Chartered Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. | Bank: HDFC Bank
Bank A/c No: 05022560004650 IFS Code: HDFC0000502 | Swift Code: HDFCINBB | MICR No: 440240003

A/c Type: Current A/c | Branch: Nagpur Extension Counter

Chartered Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

#222-223, Durga Chambers,

1334/35, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road,

Karolbagh, NEW DELHI – 110 005 INDIA

Ph: 011 – 45037177, 45020850

Unused “ePass2003Auto Tokens” with below kind of back side will only be accepted for buyback, this token can’t be used in India, we will buyback these tokens @ INR 50 Including taxes in return of purchase of New HYP2003 Tokens. Tokens with any writing marks/scratch/stickers/dirt/gum/glue on those will NOT be accepted.

Which means, the equal number of new HYP2003 Tokens will be offered to you at discount of INR 50.00 in case you are returning the unused “ePass2003Auto” sticker tokens with the backside engraved with “HYPERSECU CANADA” as below.

(Amount used in this example are for explanation purpose and not actual prices)

For example, If you have 25 “ePass2003Auto” sticker unused tokens, and suppose, the charges for 25 new HYP2003 Tokens are 200.00.

Then you will get 25 HYP2003 Tokens @ 150.00 by returning the 25 “ePass2003Auto” sticker unused tokens.

Same as above.