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FAQ’s on Ensure Online Security with a Digital Signature Certificate Here is Some Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Signature Certificates.


What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

An electronic digital signature indicates data in electronic form which is legally linked or attached with other data in electronic form. Electronic Digital Signatures are used by the signatory to sign a document electronically. An Electronic Signature is a computerized version of a handwritten signature that is used to verify the content of a document or the provisions of a specific document. If you Want to More Knowledge Click Here.

How do you Sign An Electronic Form?

E-Sign is a digital kind of signature service that can be integrated with service delivery applications via an API to allow an E-Sign user to electronically sign a document. The e-KYC service can be used to authenticate E-Sign, and then a paperless electronic signature can be enabled. It’s easier to distribute files digitally and track status via email follow-ups with E-Sign services. Nobody needs to wait for the documents to be signed because of the computerized system, which makes the procedure quick and easy.

Where can I use my DSC?

Your DSC can be used to send and receive digital files, conduct web-based transactions, and sign PDF and MS documents. A DSC is also required for company registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, e-filing of income taxes, e-tendering, e-procurement, and other important government forms.

Yes, digitally signed papers are just as legally acceptable as paper signatures, and it’s critical that every signer understands the legal implications of signing a document online. Online signatures are legally binding.

What is Difference Between Electronic Signature And Digital Signature?

A digital signature is generally used to secure papers and is certified by certifying bodies, but an electronic signature is frequently related with a contract that the signer agrees to.

Can I get more than one DSC?

Yes, you can have two certificates, one for personal use and one for official purposes. However, each certificate is limited to one email address.

Is it necessary to get the USB token?

Yes, a USB is required by the government since it is immune to virus attacks and thus provides the highest level of protection.

What is the Validity of a DSC?

From the time of issuance, a digital signature certificate is valid for 1 to 2 years. The start and finish dates are included in each signature. If your digital signature certificate expires, you can reapply for one online.

Do Banks Accept Electronic Signatures Certificates?

The old form of signatures was popular just several years ago, but that is no longer true. Various countries have enacted legislation to validate the validity of electronic signatures, and India has maintained a strong grip on technology and industry standards in the digital world. The Reserve Bank of India recently approved the use of electronic signatures for financial transactions by finance institutions.

Electronic signatures have become commonplace in banks these days. Now that the digital signature certificate is the most extensively used kind of electronic signature, it is expected that electronic signatures will become necessary for all payment banks and financial institutions in the next years.

Where can I use Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Emails and documents that have been digitally signed and encrypted can be sent and received.  For using the internet to conduct secure transactions.
In DSC Tender, e-Tendering, e-Procurement, Registrar of Companies e-filing, Income Tax e-filing, and a variety of other applications.
For signing MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF documents.

How do you Verify An Electronic Signature?

Emails and documents that have been digitally signed and encrypted can be sent and received.
For using the internet to conduct secure transactions.

Open the file containing the digital signature you’d like to see.

Select Signature Details from the drop-down menu.
It’s simple to tell if a signature is from the Signature Details dialogue box.

The signature is current and valid. The certificate is valid and has not been revoked or revoked.
Invalid : The certificate is revoked or the content signed has been changed.
Recoverable error : The signature isn’t valid now but it can be recovered. It’s possible that you’re offline, that the certificate has expired, or that the certificate issuer isn’t trustworthy.

Partial signature : A part of a file is signed.
For signing MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF documents.

What is the Validity Period of a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature certificate’s validity duration is one or two years after it is downloaded into a token. Subscribers should be informed of the validity of their certificates so that they can renew them before they expire. Furthermore, an expired certificate may result in company loss; subscribers should be aware of the validity of their digital signature certificate to minimize such dangers.

What is Paperless DSC?

A digital signature certificate is a digital version of a signature that can be used to verify the signer’s identity. It assures that the message or document’s original content was preserved during transit. Paperless Digital Signatures are simple to transport and cannot be duplicated. By using Aadhaar e-KYC to authenticate an individual, a paperless digital signature can be issued. Paperless digital signatures are available to anyone whose Aadhaar Card is linked to their mobile number.

How do you Use a Paperless DSC?

Paperless DSC uses an encryption system for the transformation and protection of data transmissions. Information encryption is done with a public key at the sending site, while decryption is done with a private key at the receiving site. A timestamp, which is optional, identifies the date and time of issue, preserving the digital signature’s authenticity even if the certificate expires.

How to Apply For Paperless Digital Signature Certificate?

To apply for a Paperless Digital Signature Certificate, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Shobhit Associates Website.
Step 2: Complete the Digital Signature Certificate application by indicating the User Type, Certificate Class, and other relevant information.

Step 2: Complete the application by submitting all required documents and paying the application fee.
Step 3: After successful document verification, the applicant can download the certificate using the credentials emailed to him.

What Happens When Digital Signature Expired?

When the certificate authority does not provide time stamping, all digital signatures created with the certificate become invalid after the certificate expiration date. There is an expiration date on all digital certificates. The renewal of a digital certificate and the issue of fresh keys serve to prevent key combinations from being deciphered and sensitive information from being stolen.
The certificate holder receives notification of expiration, renewal information, and a new encryption key around 90 days before the expiration date. If the certificate is not renewed within this time frame, it will expire and visitors to the website will receive a warning notice.

Can I Renew Digital Signature Certificate?

In the event of DSC renewal, an individual should get a DSC-USB token. If a person did not obtain a USB-token during the registration process for his DSC, he should do so for the renewal process. The renewal of a DSC should be done under the same name as the current DSC. There are no changes allowed during the renewal process, and it is treated as a new DSC application. Changes to the postal address and contact information are permitted. It’s a good idea to apply for a DSC renewal seven days before the present DSC expires.

Why do I need A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a digital certificate that verifies your identity. DSC also ensures the entire secrecy of the information transferred using a Digital Signature Certificate, which provides you with a high level of security for your online transactions (DSC). You can use certificates to sign / encrypt data so that it can only be viewed by the intended recipient. You can digitally sign information to ensure that it has not been altered in transit and to confirm your identity as the message’s sender.

Where can I Purchase A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Only a Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of the Government of India, licensed Registration Authorities (RA), such as e-Solutions, can issue legally valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Certificates. Secure Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) are available from e-Solutions, a Registration Authorities (RA) licensed by (n)Code Solutions-CA, through a variety of options adapted to individual and organizational needs.

How does A Digital Signature Certificate Work?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) expressly links an individual’s or device’s identification to two keys: public and private keys. The certificate provides information about the user’s identification, such as their name, pincode, nationality, email address, the date the certificate was granted, and the name of the certificate authority (CA). These keys will not function without the other. Browsers and servers use them to encrypt and decrypt information about the certificate user’s identity.

The private key is stored on the user’s computer hard disk or on an external device such as a USB token. The user retains control of the private key; it can only be used with the issued password. The public key is disseminated with the encrypted information. The authentication process fails if either one of these keys in not available or do not match. This means that the encrypted data cannot be decrypted and therefore, is inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Are Digital Signature Legally Valid in India?

Yes, Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are legally recognized in India under the Information Technology Act of 2000. According to the Information Technology Act, Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are issued by accredited Certifying Authorities under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India.

What does X509 refer to as it relates to Digital Certificates?

The X509 digital certificate format is the industry standard. It specified the mandatory and optional attributes that can be specified in a certificate.

Why does a Digital Signature Certificate have a limited valid Period?

A start date and an expiration date are specified for digital signature certificates. When a digital certificate is used, most programs check the validity term of the certificate. The certificate revocation list is also managed using the signature certificate expiration date (CRL). When a certificate’s natural expiration date approaches, it is taken from the revocation list. As a result, the CRL is often shorter the shorter the certificate validity time.

From where can I get a digital signature certificate?

You can get your DSC from Shobhit Associates. We are DSC authorized providers, and we’ve collaborated with some of the most well-known, licensed CAs to ensure that you acquire your DSC quickly and securely. We only need your basic documentation and will cross-check your information against your PAN card on the income tax site.

Who is a digital certifying authority?

According to the information technology (IT) Act 2000, any person or entity which has been granted the license to issue a digital signature certificate is recognized as a digital certifying authority or CA. Before awarding a license to a prospective CA, the ministry of IT’s controller of certifying authorities will conduct an audit of the establishment, confirm that all compliance requirements are met, and then grant the license.

Who are all the digital certifying authorities in India?

The licensed authorities identified by the ministry of electronics and information technology are safe scrypt, DRB, (n) code solutions, e-mudhra, NSDL, capricorn identity services, CSC e-governance services India limited, Indian airforce, Vsign, CDAC, and DRB.

Who is a registration authority (RA)?

The RAs are the agents of the CAs who gather and verify the applicant’s information and documentation. After that, RAs will decide whether or not to approve or reject a DSC application request.

When should a person use class 3 DSC?

A class 3 certificate is required to participate in e-tenders, e-procurement, or e-auctions. For tenders, government agencies such as Indian Railways and National Banks may be required to obtain DSC.

How long does it take to get a DSC?

The DSC application is usually processed in 3-4 days and then delivered to you through courier.

What type of DSC do I need for e-filing on the MCA portal?

A class 3 signing certificate category issued by a certified certifying body is required for e-filing on the MCA portal.

Why do I need to submit my documents to apply for a DSC?

In the digital era, A DSC is just as necessary as a physical PAN card or passport. As a result, before the certificate is issued, all of your information will be thoroughly examined and validated.

Do I need to be physically present for verification of my identity?

No, you do not have to be there because the Shobhit Associates digital signature certificate process is entirely online. However, you may be required to be physically present for class-3 verification, which will be communicated to you prior to the process.

Is there any guarantee my confidential information will not be misused during the process of applying for DSC?

Shobhit Associates strictly follows procedures to safeguard the security of our clients’ information. Unless required by law, we will not release any information to a third party.

What type of Digital Certificate is required for e-Tendering, e-Procurement, Trademark/Patent filling?

For e-Tendering, e-Procurement, and Trademark/Patent filing, a Class 3 Company / Organization User certificate is necessary. The highest level of Digital Signature Certificate is Class 3. It comes with a one-year or two-year validity period. The user must renew class 3 digital signature certificates when the validity term has expired.

What type of Digital Signature Certificate is required for Income Tax filling, ROC and MCA filling?

For income tax, ROC, and MCA filing, a Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is necessary. A one-year or two-year Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is available. The user must renew class 2 digital signature certificates when the validity term has expired. Individuals and organizations can receive a Class 2 Digital Signature certificate.

What type of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is to be obtained for e-Filling on the MCA Portal?

For e-filing on the MCA Portal, a DSC of Class 2 or Class 3 category issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) is required.

What type of Digital Signature Certificate is required for Importers-Exporters?

For the DGFT website to communicate, a Class 3 DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is necessary. The DGFT Digital Signature has a one-year or two-year validity period. The DGFT Digital Signature Certificate allows users to save time and money.